In regards to the Oregon Health Authority guidelines for Social Distancing, TBH Real Estate hereby implements the following policies & restrictions in the effort to keep everyone safe and healthy during these times:

  • Maintain a minimum 6-foot distances, etc., with all clients before, during, and after showings
  • Showings are to occur only to “business critical visitors”–prospective customers are “business critical visitors” – others that are not essential, should not visit the home, the owners, or prospective buyers.
  • TBH Brokers are not to hold open houses & will do showings by appointment only.
  • TBH Brokers are to avoid personally meeting with customers if possible – use email, text, or phone.
  • TBH Policy when preparing a property for sale:
    • Make sure all visits to the home are with client’s prior consent;
    • Wash down all hard surfaces after the visit;
    • Confirm with owner they are satisfied with the process, and change if necessary for their comfort level.
  • TBH Policy tips when showing a property:
    • Make sure to have the owner’s express consent in advance;
    • Show them the Policy and make sure they approve;
    • Establish a time limit for visits inside the home and make sure prospective buyers are advised;
    • Don’t travel with clients; Engage in social distancing at all times inside and outside the home;
    • Consider providing Purell or similar sanitizers at the home;
    • Make sure the home’s hard surfaces (counters, etc.) are cleaned before and after the visit;
    • Follow up with homeowners to make sure they are satisfied with the process, and change if necessary for their comfort level.
    • Do not permit others, e.g. assistants, to have access to the home without the listing broker’s consent and consent of the owner.

TBH Real Estate appreciates your cooperation and understanding in compliance of these guidelines as it is our goal to do our part in keeping everyone safe and healthy and continue to provide dedicated service to our Brokers and Clients.

Tom Ogden | Owner
Oregon Principal Broker
TBH Real Estate